Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Estimated World Production of Farmed Shrimp Ecuador ranking 5th in the World and Largest Supplier of Farmed Shrimp in the Americas!

The World
Estimated World Production of Farmed Shrimp and Prawns in 2010

Aquafauna Bio-Marine, which markets specialized diets, equipment and consulting services to shrimp hatcheries worldwide, reports that there are an estimated 2.3 to 2.4 million hectares of shrimp ponds in the world, producing, on average, approximately 1.3 metric tons a year.  Aquafauna says it took an estimated three billion pairs of broodstock to supply the approximate one trillion seedstock required by the industry in 2010.  Restocking ponds because of seedstock mortalities after stocking accounts for approximately 30% of the seedstock requirement.

In business for almost 35 years, Aquafauna provided the following data on the world production of shrimp and prawns in 2010:

Imports of Shrimp to the USA up 3%.. ECUADOR #2 Importer to the USA!

February 15, 2012
United States
Washington DC—Shrimp Imports up 3% in 2011

At nearly 1.27 billion pounds, USA shrimp imports finished 2011 up 3 percent from 2010, according to government figures released on February 11, 2012, the second straight year that shrimp imports have increased.

The 2011 total topped 2010’s record of 1.23 billion pounds even though imports from the United States’ No. 1 shrimp supplier, Thailand, were down.  Imports from Thailand finished 2011 down 8.3 percent from 2010, at 407.8 million pounds.  Also, imports from China and Vietnam were down 10.6 percent and 6.2 percent, respectively, in 2011.

Picking up the slack were Indonesia, Ecuador, Mexico, India and Malaysia.  Last year, shrimp imports from those five countries were up 15.1 percent, 13.5 percent, 30.5 percent, 59.5 percent and 20.2 percent, respectively, from 2010.  Ecuador, the United States’ No. 2 shrimp supplier in 2011, chipped in 162.4 million pounds, while Indonesia, the No. 1 shrimp supplier, shipped 155.1 million pounds.

At around 4 pounds, shrimp represents roughly one-quarter of USA per-capita seafood consumption.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Now this is COOL..Goggle Search "SHRIMP" and see what you get!!!

My Partner Steven and I are finishing a very comprehensive shrimp production and processing business plan at the moment and he decided to type in the word "Shrimp" to see what he came up. I was amazed that my handy work in shrimp photos and some of my recent posts were scattered throughout google NEAR THE TOP. I also figured out that one of the nice benefits of being on Google+ social media us that you get great Google search engine ratings on your posts .. well at least with  my "Shrimp Tales" posting :)

Thanks Google cuz now you have urged me on to post more and influence more and to even cook more shrimp recipes.. since most of my photos are on creations made in my own Shrimp Dude kitchen! My favorite is below.. a little Cheezy Shrimp n Grits whipped up last Sunday morning while most of Ecuador was still sleeping!

Ok .. back to pricing out some shrimp orders. After which i will head to my second office "the kitchen" to play with some panko breadcrumb butterfly cut shrimp.. Photos later i am sure.

Now go and Google Search "Shrimp" or your own favorite word! or click  .. Best Doug