Friday, December 16, 2011

USA Shrimp Import Report .. Shrimp Rule!! 2011

December 14, 2011United States
Washington State—Ken Talley Reports on USA Shrimp Imports

The December 12, 2011, issue of Ken Talley’s Seafood Trend Newsletter (independent coverage of the seafood market since 1984), reports on USA shrimp imports through October 2011.  Some excerpts:

The demand for shrimp in the United States shows no sign of slowing.  The volume of imports is growing and so is the value and average import price.  October imports rose by 5.2% over last year to some 136 million pounds.  That brings the total import volume this year to just over one billion pounds for the first eight months of this year, an increase of 3.8%.  While the increase in volume has been slow and steady, the increase in value has soared this year.  All told, shrimp imports through October were worth $4.2 billion, a whopping, double-digit gain of 25% over the $3.3 billion in October 2010.

This resulted in a strong 20.5% gain in the average value of the imported shrimp from $3.36 a pound in 2010 to $4.05 this year.

As has been the case all year, shrimp is deemed a good value even though prices have been increasing along with volume.  In a market where king crab wholesales for as much as $25 a pound and Dungeness sections approach $7 a pound, shrimp represents a great competitive value.

Indonesia has benefited from its crop of giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) as many Asian producers move to white shrimp (P. vannamei). Japan and the USA compete for Indonesia’s shrimp, with total exports to the USA reaching 128.4 million pounds, up 14.4%.  India has seen a huge 77.1% increase in shrimp exports to the USA through October.  Two main factors are responsible: the weak rupee, which makes Indian shrimp a good buy, and the increased production of white shrimp.  Importantly, a significant volume of India’s white shrimp is larger than usual, making for strong demand so far this year.

Vietnam has held steady in shipments to the USA despite floods and disease problems.

Malaysia’s shrimp exports to the USA continue to increase as marketers there shift their attention away from Europe and to markets in Asia and the USA.  The expense of retrofitting plants to meet new standards from the European Union have meant more shrimp to the USA.

Source: Seafood Trend Newsletter (8227 Ashworth Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98103-4434, USA (phone             1-206-523-2280      , fax 1-206-526-8719,  Editor, Ken Talley.  December 12, 2011.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can You Imagine This... "Sustainable Fish n Chip Good Catch Awards"

Even though i am the Shrimp Dude.. I love Fish n Chips. Sometimes here in Ecuador i think i am the only gringo cooking beer-battered fish n shrimp, along with a good helping of chips!! Last weeks news of the recent finalists for the Good Catch Awards brought to our attention just how even the Fish n Chip industry is paying attention to sustainability in ocean catch. Check out the stats in the article, but what caught my eye was the over 250 Million Fish n Chip meals are sold every year across the UK and some other stats you will find interesting..

Cudos to the SeaFish group for making these awards possible.

Think about your next protein choice when it comes to buying & cooking your favortie dishes.. "Are your fish or SHRIMP favorites from sustainable or well managed resource?"

More Shrimp tales later... Because we care about what you eat!!

Shrimp Tales.. Survey Said!!

What so you think about sustainable seafood sources for your protien selections? How important is it to you, to buy a sustainable produced seafood product?

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