Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can You Imagine This... "Sustainable Fish n Chip Good Catch Awards"

Even though i am the Shrimp Dude.. I love Fish n Chips. Sometimes here in Ecuador i think i am the only gringo cooking beer-battered fish n shrimp, along with a good helping of chips!! Last weeks news of the recent finalists for the Good Catch Awards brought to our attention just how even the Fish n Chip industry is paying attention to sustainability in ocean catch. Check out the stats in the article, but what caught my eye was the over 250 Million Fish n Chip meals are sold every year across the UK and some other stats you will find interesting..

Cudos to the SeaFish group for making these awards possible.

Think about your next protein choice when it comes to buying & cooking your favortie dishes.. "Are your fish or SHRIMP favorites from sustainable or well managed resource?"

More Shrimp tales later... Because we care about what you eat!!

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