Friday, January 6, 2012

I Agree That SPF Shrimp are Not The Answer To Great Shrimp and Disease Control

January 6, 2012Ecuador
Texcumar—One of the Largest Shrimp Breeding Facilities in Ecuador

With 10 maturation rooms, 100 maturation tanks and the capacity to produce over 50 million nauplii daily, Texcumar is one of the largest shrimp breeding facilities in Ecuador.  In December 2010, it partnered with six large shrimp farms, representing over 7,000 hectares of ponds, to develop a multi-line, mass-selection program focused on improving growth rates and disease resistance.  It’s creating separate lines of shrimp for each of the six farms.

Texcumar does not believe in the utilization of specific pathogen free animals; it believes in the gradual build-up of disease resistance over time using breeding stock that survived on contaminated farms. This model has been successfully used by the dairy cattle industry for over 50 years.

Ecuador now has over 150,000 hectares of shrimp farms.


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